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The splendour of living wide

There is still time….

We collide with our own intentions of being connected to the universe of our being, to achieve the sense of eternal quest, to excavate all the pathways to our infinite possibilities.

But, somewhere, in the economy of our lives, we long for safety, for an existential pattern that conveys a stability of our thoughts.

I always tried to orient myself towards my inner self, trying to accommodate my thoughts with my soul in a clumsy attempt of directing my life towards the light of things. Seemingly, I lost my way repeatedly, making splendid mistakes that offered me unexpected life choreography.

Terrified I was, drifting into the unknown, but with the undying wish to explore, no matter what. Discovering the ineffable art of the unforeseen, I was letting myself afloat, over mysteries and surprises, like a ship taken by the storm.

Afraid I was! But I couldn’t stop myself from spending my never lived time. This is a tantalising kneeling in front of an unanticipated world of wonders and like an unsophisticated plunderer, I ripped my own life off boredom.The price was enormously big.But at least, I have risked everything in order to feel the pounding rhythm of life.

Being in a safe loop never gave me depth into my life.

Having anxiety offered me the chance to walk on the untrodden paths of living, even if the safety mode would have given me an unshaken existence…..A paradox that I have been carrying it all around my life like a cosmic castaway bearing transcendent uncertainties.

My life has been so far….a sensorium of meanings, a painted meditation where I have been wandering about with the sole purpose… to love.Such a daring endeavour!

At a molecular level, I am made of a sum of fears, some of them small, others big that left me unmoved in my joy.

But, I would never give up on my adventure. I love to erupt, to suffer, to lose the grasp of reality, breathing into another self of mine, the one that incessantly wonders and questions upon the very fuel of life, daring to step into other people’s pain like it was mine. The greater the risk, the more handsome the discovery.

Living wide will give you the privilege of exploring and finding an existential agape. The ancient term describes the understanding among friends and enemies alike that springs from a spontaneous love that comes unmotivated and disinterested.

I would go further, saying that our life should flow beyond our land of safety, touching the highest form of danger in order to acquire the best toolkit for acceptance, benevolence and bravery.

Into our mercurial world, the only thing that deserves attention is love and love alone. But love never goes smooth, never linear. Never boring or ordinary.

We all long for it, but some of us never achieve it since we are afraid of attempting to have passion, thoroughly, irrespective of what could come out of it. This is how we sabotage our chance to happiness and linger into a space of fear.

Unconsciously evading the miracles in our life, we find ourselves on the deathbed, covered in regrets for the things we never lived and time will not be in our hands.

So, do not avoid obstacles, embrace them for they will bring you the bliss.

Thus, go out there, into your life and grab what is yours, dare, suffer and create the infinity of your being!

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