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The Psychologist God    To the starving souls           

Disclaimer :Please, my fellow psychologists, don’t be offended by this! It is not about you, but about those who recognise themselves in it! :).I have a lot of appreciation for the psychologic field, but I felt necessary to spot some downfalls regarding the way some psychologist perform their honourable duties.

In modern times, the relationship between you and your inner self is defined by the psychoanalytic interventions of a powerful, mind-blowing Psychologist.

It is this so called expert in the matters of mind and soul who organises your emotional garbage in order to be presentable to yourself and to the society that is striving to find the right psychological tag for each of you.

Long live our Social Saviours, the Mighty Gurus who direct our minds beyond the comprehensive limitations, turning ourselves from the brokenhearted victims to self-assured heroes of our times.

The lavish provider of psychological wisdom, the true liberator of your human emotions is the psychologist itself who is able to label scientifically all your psychoses like they were his/hers.

The more complicated the names of these illnesses are ,the more therapeutic sessions you need, but the good part is that you ll have at least a scientific case to your ordinary depression.

I am just wondering how people could survive for so many years without being acquainted to their psychological distress, without talking to a specialist and without taking any medicine capable to provide a specific order in people’s disorders.

Anyhow, today the psychologists are more fashionable than God, because God doesn’ t know to advertise himself as skilfully as them.

In general, people are inclined to turn to God only in the matters of absolution , but not for seeking solutions /(soul)utions to help their astray minds.

Actually, God and psychologists have the same area of expertise, but due to the fact that the world has evolved tremendously, its point of interest has moved from spiritual necessities to economic priorities.

Nowdays,the representation of the world’s normality is different and the business of the soul and mind evolves according to the society’s set of mind.

God seems to be overrated, especially in the urban settings. His response doesn’t come easily to you, you have to pay attention, to read signs, in opposition to the one coming from the psychologists that is delivered straight away , sometimes unexpectedly, without even being claimed.

In a mercantile society, the fact that you pay for getting answers offers you a kind of warranty from an established authority, even if God does the same thing for free.

God has been dealing with darkness, seen as a bleak realm of sins and of the maleficent deeds since immemorial times.

Psychologists,on the other hand intervene to purge the burdens of our thoughts that reside in the dark side of our mind. So, practically they act in the same field.

The psychologists convey a clinical, systematic, extrovert analysis of our mind, offering true antibodies to fight depression and all life’s setbacks .

But,I do believe in an interventionist God, as Nick Cave might say, who involves directly in everything in the world ,having a magic attitude towards misfortunes, by taking his time.

It is the psychologists who set depression under the umbrella of pathology, putting all the blame on you,and you alone, in comparison to God who transfers the blame on the nosy Devil who is inclined to mess things up.:).He definitely knows how to assuage things.

I feel the honourable necessity of explaining that God the way I see him is not linked to religion but to spirituality.

Anyway, I prefer God for his peculiar sense of humour and for letting me do things in my own time. He doesn’t deal with trauma, but with love and faith.

In my case,God did his job magnificently,in a subtle manner, being there all the time and I didn’ even have to come out of the house. He taught me silently to appreciate love by its absence,performing the miracle of waking me up from the darkness of my soul.

It was God who made me turn to my inner self, to discover the power of my soul, without a middleman, and to perform a sincere introspection . I didn’t have to be terrified about divulging my best hidden secrets to a stranger.

I love the intimacy I have with God, he knows how to keep secrets and it is not obliged to do it only by his professional ethics.

God makes you return to your own self in your own time, not forcing you to follow a well-established emotional route.

But I won’t be so of vindicative, stiff and harsh with our dear psychologists.

Good news is not all of them fall in the category depicted above. I have had the privilege to meet a psychologist who has an inbuilt God in herself, combining beautiful science as the cognitive matter with the natural input of spirituality.

So, the secret for making our deep or superficial miseries bearable is a Godly psychologist, the one who is able to manage and spot the spirituality of science and the sience of spirituality in a majestic infusion of empathy.

We keep forgetting therapy is not cheap, therefore, for some individuals it’s not accessible from pecuniary point of view. That’s why we need a backup plan.

In my life experience, I have identified a psychological downfall of therapy. It has an egocentric approach destined to offer the best method to be in harmony with your inner self no matter what,stressing on the philosophy that you are the most important person in your life ,which is correct.

But,I would dare to make a small completion: you are the most important person in your life but don’t forget to cherish your humanity!, because you can’t leave alone and it is not flattering for your soul to make up with your own self but not taking into consideration that you are hurting the others during your process of healing.

This After me , the deluge ! kind of attitude can’t be the purgative solution for preparing you to get tuned to yourself.

The secret for surpassing the wounds of your mind and soul is inside you; first, you have to try to introduce yourself to you properly.

But don’t forget you all have the supreme benefit of doubt and if you feel like inducing your (Soul)itude, invite God to join you in that!

For me, the most efficient psychologist is God. it is known that the spiritual values are responsible for a long lasting mental health.

Thus, a psychologist’s spiritual turn it would be beneficial for both performers of the psychological act: for the one who needs healing will be salutary because he will be invited on a path he knows and for the specialist itself because he will be able to establish a true connection based on a mutual place of spirituality.

In the beginning, psychology was considered the study of the soul but in the long way to its self- discovery ,the initial sense was lost and it was replaced by a dry etiology.

There are different kinds of psychologists, some of them go by the book as teachers go by the curriculum, but only those who are able to see beyond the restrictions of a textbook and of the epistemic guidelines could change the perspective upon human soul and mind. Improvisation could create new dimensions in any field.

The psychologist is able to make you connect to your solitude but the only one who can determine you to make peace with yourself is God (don’t forget that things are better seen from above) or:

….. Psychologists and God together. They should get united in the secret path of soul alleviation and when one is missing the other one could step into the picture.


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