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Yulecraft,the lost spirit of Christmas

Christmas is a true amorous story that has been travelling over centuries, having as sole purpose the grandeur of the human soul, the beautiful irrationality of magic and the suddenness of a devine revelation.

Nowadays, Christmas revolves around the personality of Santa Claus who is the most devoured character of the consumerist society.But, Santa needs to issue a statement to the world in order to stop this phony perspective upon his magic position.We live in the age of superfluous pleasures under the tyranny of economics, so, now, more than ever we need a restoration of magic, a coup d’anima that directs us smoothly inwards, into our souls in order to find its infinite smallness ( the meaning of anima in Sanskrit).

Apart of his questionable physicality, Santa is embedded in our psyche like an echo of our inner wishes or a spiritual dowry possessing healing powers.

We are proposing to you this coup d’anima (anima meaning spirit in Latin) with the aim of overthrowing the mercantile freedom and giving to our soul and mind the verticality of a miracle.

When it comes to Christmas, we shall name this reformation the Yulecraft of magic, an inner workshop building an analogue genuine Christmas spirit in opposition to the virtual and commercial one.We could perform the spiritual experience by removing the tension of the marketing sense of Christmas and replacing it with the serenity of an abundant stream of good emotions. The geometry of Santa Claus story contains the myth of goodness. Santa is a giver, he is keen on offering presents from the heart, he is children loving and the only payment he asks for is good manners, respect,trust and ……..cookies.He has a darker side though, in case you misbehave,you’ll end up on the naughty list. Santa Claus belongs to a whole fellowship of Magic together with the tomten , the Tooth fairy, the elves, the Easter bunny, the saints or God and all of them were born from our cravings for emotional need of joy , happiness and love. We always needed someone to save us especially from ourselves,to give us emotional directions or to impose restrictions in order for us to be able to keep our spiritual balance.

Santa follows the Saviour archetype being originated in the third century A.D. in the person of Saint Nicholas,the protector of children and sailors,the ones who needed a safety net the most.People’s collective imagination encloses the universal human motif of faith. The Myth of Santa is overlaid on the Christmas one merging into an all-encompassing allegory of love.In order to achieve the state of wholesomeness we need a spiritual pattern and a character fitting in Christmas environment. Christmas and Santa will produce the magnificent gratification of miracle and we love to show unconditional surrender in front of magic.

Christmas was born in Christian times; the origin of the word in Latin meaning mass for Christ and it represents a splendid pretext for celebrating the birth of the son of God.The ethics of faith is linked to the idea that the truth doesn’t have to be proved , but to be taken it for granted ,empirically.Christmas with its religious roots flourished into a feast of humanity who longed for its lost beauty.The concept of Santa Claus is associated to the same faith embraced by the Christianity in order to either resolve the tribulations of the mankind or to make them bearable.Christmas encompasses the Christian spirit and together with its main character, Santa Claus who has the same spiritual aspirations,built a culture of Magic that united the new ( Christmas) with the old (paganism that has as a central piece the antropomorphic figure of Krampus) into the myth of extraordinary.

This spiritual duality leads to the deontology of Christmas that outlines the pattern of goodness and morality and also of self-evaluation of our deeds along with their direct consequences.The festive element of Christmas favours the birth of a mythical thought that entails Santa Claus existence as a true architect of benevolence, teaching useful lessons of morality.

By his recurrent appearance, Santa preserves the purity of hope and the unpredictability of surprise.He is a rigorist, in a way, imposing a festive routine to the participants of the magic act of Christmas, for example: trimming the tree, decorating the house, singing Christmas carol , or having a meritorious conduct.His ludic experience is mainly destined to the children, irrespective of their age.

Christmas is a creative adventure, an opportunity to display your playfulness, an intense and natural act of soul recovery.Our tremendous need for stories met its essence in the Christmas story of wisdom, goodness and love, being a genuine action of peacemaking. The secrecy of Santa’s arrival conducts to the alchemy of miracle, caring all the congruent emotions of love into an aesthetics of mystery.

Christmas contains the beautiful responsibilities that create an elementary consciousness of happiness. His appearance as a chubby and charmful bearded old man leads to the serenity of our thoughts towards him,directing us to the encompassing feeling of trustworthiness, delight, amusement, enjoyment and bliss.Through Christmas and Santa Claus experience we ensure our ephemeral climate that engages our imagination into a beneficial participation to myth.Christmas is intrinsically linked to Jesus’ s birthday, to the Christian idea of love, to the sweet desertion in front of goodness.

Due to Jesus’ s ethereal nature,Christmas needed a more terrestrial character who dealt with magic artefacts that made the spiritual existence immortal.It is not appropriate for Santa to come in a different temporal sequence,far away from Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ, because he needs a steady environment encapsulated in the purity of the human soul. Thus,Santa has gradually become a professional moralist.In fact,Christmas and Santa represent the sweet addiction employed by humans as true avenue of escaping from a selfish self .Christmas could easily develop a multitude of methods of extracting, combining and concentrating the ecstasy of life into the supernatural embodiment of love.

Santa’s outfit is red, a mere transfiguration of passion,of the transgressive emotions, of human enlightenment and excitement.

To preserve the mystery of Santa’s intervention, his coming happens during the night in order to preserve the sense of secretiveness, as a classified event of enigmatic occurrences.A new touch of Magic is needed in the morphology of Christmas.

It is required that Santa should tackle his commitment stressing on his disponibility of making a sacrifice travelling around the world in one night just in order to bring happiness to other people.

Aiming at upgrading Christmas we need to implement the Yulecraft, the true spirit of Christmas into the texture of the event itself .Yulecraft symbolises all the lost universe of genuine and traditional constituents of the festive conjuncture. such as: helping your fellows spreading love all around,being in good’s favour, creating a Christmasphere, a reputable environment of joy and carefulness along with the presence of the true believers in Santa Claus’s participation to the devine act of magic.

This event of happiness represents a thaumaturgic endeavour that heals the scars of humanity and responds splendidly at its subliminal wishes called dreams. We wish a thought-provoking season that approaches the sense of magic in the wide context of a Christmas community built by the true believers in the power of miracle.

True believers are the genuine dreamers who make the dream of Christmas survive. If the dreamers are gone what happens to the dream?

Keep on dreaming about miracles, hold Christmas into your heart and embrace the limitless expansion of your pure thought!


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