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The art of falling

My dear honey-sops,

The myth of falling has a central part in our lives. Life itself builds its trajectory on the rise and fall of our existential rhythm.

Our life represents a sequence of dichotomies. According to this, there is no rise without a fall and the other way around.

We take the idea of falling for granted, like it is a disastrous denouement of human failure, but on the contrary, it is an articulate way of salvation, a liberating method to achieve neither success nor failure, but a well-deserved rest between the life's acts.

Falling is a gravitational consequence of our attraction towards trying new things. It is a daring endeavour to take chances, to venture into unknown, to explore unexpectedness.

Falling is a matter of how we tackle our brokenness, our fatidic life occurrences, our downfalls. We often identify the lack of success with a psychological fall, but, in fact, the absence of the winning situation creates more opportunities by exploring an unknown thread, in a creative way. Does falling play the same role as the failure? Not at all! Failure is the visible part of the falling, its first layer, it is static, predictable, an intregal part of a broken ego, an ordinary defeat. Paradoxically, on the other side of the failure, the beautiful madness of the falling begins.

If we see beyond the inconvenience of a temporary collapse and dare to go deeper into our true self, we will find a reliable, productive, logical and dazzling vessel of human discovery and a genuine way of knowing our own potentialities. The failure provides us a good mental breakdown while falling grants us a motivation to overcome it.

If we concentrate on the spectacular part of success, we are in the situation of losing the truest side of it and that is the failure.

Without failure, success is just an unstable achievement, a momentary victory lacking timelessness, a serendipity that brings us a fleeting joy.

It is failure that gives us the consistency of success. Success bears a shallow coat of treachery, feeding our ego with unrealistic expectations. Success is not perennial and the good news is neither is the failure.

Our short-lived success is in fact an unaccomplished failure and that impedes our chance to grow. When failure is aware of its lack of success and approaches it like a fortunate occasion to awaken our mind senses, our falling will get a meaning, a purpose.

There are two kinds of fall: the physical fall that embraces the immediateness of the phenomenon by reaching the lowest point in a short time and experiencing a quick and well-balanced injury prone to an instant healing and the psychological fall that lingers between the unlived moments of accomplishment and the convalescent celebration of failure in a ritualic metaphor of flying.

Thinking of Icarus paradox, we know that a fulminant success has the same ingredients as the failure. According to this, the accomplishment doesn' t fall far from the failure due to impetuosity of the endeavour.

In such matters, the research should be mandatory, otherwise we will perform an undocumented successful failure.

The psychological falling deals with a reversed falling into ourselves through our soul as a smooth and laboured preparation for making another journey to success. This kind of falling is not abrupt, but a silent, discrete and epic success, even if it is in disguise.

It captures the hegemony of quest, the paradise lost, the dissolution of self , following the itinerary of a falling angel. In this case, the pain is consistent, ripping our conformity, our linearity, distancing ourselves from our goal and make our spirit sprout again.

The success is the worst enemy of evolution. The major falling always makes the difference. Your soul bleeding is a blessing à la longue, being the irrefutable proof of being alive.

Our fall successfully breaks the linearity of our existence, providing an initiatic entertainment. Think of a falling star that carries a secret wish with it, a wish that is ascending while the star is falling.

Therefore, we invite you to enjoy the splendid harmony of falling!Fall in love with your failure, embrace your mistakes, learn from your sins, cherish the unlived moments of success and start all over again becuase this is the way of gaining your spiritual rebirth! Find your balance in chaos!

Falling is made out of little deaths that make the life as we know it end. It is the journey from the body to the mind through our soul, a redeeming experience revealing a sanctuary of unlived moments.

Falling afflicts the comforted and comforts the afflicted.

Falling assures us the path of a perpetual quest. Once we get what we seek, the quest will end. Our desires need to have a perpetual absent object in order to continue their journey. Success is shallow so, thrive to live for ideas, small moments of integrity and self-sacrifice.

Don't be afraid of falling, it is a dance, a cunning stratagem of delaying our final moment of glory, because after this, there is nothing but our comfort zone. You can't rely on success, but definitely you can rely on falling.

These times don't need successful people, but dreamers, fallen performers of the celestial song.

Don't forget fall happens when you are looking at the sky!

And when you want to fall, fall in love!

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Theodor Sirbuletu
Theodor Sirbuletu
Jul 12, 2020

Falling theme also reflects in our dreams when almost never leads to death. It is more like an expression of fears and different stressful events, a few times can be a consequence of the power of flying that can be mastered by some celestial bodies. And so, falling from a different dimention is possible.

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