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The aesthetics of alcohol

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Disclaimer:Read it sensibly!

My inspiration for this post came from the month of January itself, considered to be dry (meaning free of alcohol,in the Anglo-Saxon environment).

So, when you long for it the most, you'll find its very essence! We propose a short insight into the controversial identity of the liquid that inflamed the world -the alcohol (only from a benign perspective.)

Alcohol, the substance of forgetness, the most beautiful intoxication, a splendid impertinence of senses older than centuries, comprising the alchemy of the high spirits, magical inducing an aetherial euphoria.

This bitter sweet fuel that promotes the collosal distortion of time, this philosophical vessel of inner perceptions creates a binomial introspection of mind into the body.

First, the alcohol appeared in China in 7000 BC in the shape of the rice mead used as an agricultural beverage in religious ceremonies.

Since then,we have been religiously using it on a regular basis, alterating its sublime purpose, worshipping its controlling power, pursuing our cravings, reusing it, losing the victory upon our human nature and alluring ourselves into the temptation of perdition.

This is the kind of perdition built unwillingly, just because getting lost in our senses causes the tantalising abandonment in front of the reality.

In the matters of beauty, the alcohol embraces the sensorial- emotional qualities of a straightforward fluid building its elegance in the light of the recipient that holds it.

The recipients could imprint to this essential substance of our existence both the nobility of a toast and the decadence of a void filler.

A crystal chalice is able to reveal the liquid's appetite to dance in the light of the sun, in a recepient that captures the luminescence of the world.

A wooden cup will hold its precious content in an incognito state of presentation, in a clandestine confinement of wishes.

There is a kind of artistry that lies in the alchemy of the alcohol that will be ultimately acquainted to the most unknown hemispheres of our mind. The process of bacchic metamorphosis depends on the inner structure of the drinking performer. There are seven types of performers in this field:

1.The philosopher.This is the performer he uses alcohol as an intellectual catalyzer of the mind, gaining a state of alcoholic beatitude of his/her thoughts in congruence with the succulent metaphysical creativity.This performer is the kind of character who will treat alcohol like a friend who has a mind of its own, being able to arouse a state of wonder or to create a splendid controversy for the sake of a constructive polemic. In this case, the alcohol makes its way through the mind into the body and the other way around.

2. The cheerful one is the person who performs an act of entertainment for himself and the others, spreading a positive vibration into the world, stirring the appetite for stage acting, even if the talent is non-existent or the repertoire is unappropriate. This character will barge into a pub with bubbly attitude, singing his heart out, creating awkward situations of instant manifestation of an affectionate behaviour :).

In this situation, the alcohol becomes a social lubricant that facilitates an unexpected engagement into random conversations. The fluid will inundate all the components of the human body, following an effervescent trajectory up to the mind.

3. The trickster is the player of the bacchic act, it is the one who celebrates the splendor epic of the fluids, performing an act of humour, becoming a farceur of a hilarious but mischievous game, being the soul of the party and totally devoted to the histrionic geography of our minds.

4. The melancholic, contemplative type weeps hopelessly in a prolonged sigh of confusing regrets, mixing up drinks like his/her own feelings, becoming a sole executant of his/her own weaknesses, thoroughly emerged in the poetry the alcoholic elation.This kind of performer has the power of redirecting his or her soul's downfalls and of getting out of the bleakest places of the heart, becoming an artist,a creator of feelings in a sobriety of mind even if the body is sinking into a warm delusion of it senses.

5. The destructive type, like a good friend of mine would say, is the one who is keen on the pleasure of the fall,by abusing the mighty liquid making it his personal demon, deconstructing its misty allure and turning it into hazardous fluid deposited unsafely in the stomach for a while and then achieving the amorphic state of nothingness.His/her salvation comes from the painful reality of an imminent disease that might end his/her dangerous journey.

We could extract a shallow benefit from this circumstance : the courage to challenge his/her personal boundaries. Many years,the emotional conspiracy of our beloved fluid with our mind has been making us lose our speech fluency in the process of consuming the magic drink. But, speech can be also stimulated with the help of this controversial fluid that acts like a confidence booster if it's used with parsimony. It's up to us to block its unclean intentions .

That will be the (6.) sixth type of performer, the case of a timid drinker that discovers the elevation and the untreacherous nature of the twisted A (alcohol).

Acohol seems to make use of its prerogative of transporting personalities, of eliciting mindshifting and gradually transforming one person into another who dwells deep inside without even being aware of.

7. Another type of drinking performer is the gentlalcoholic, the one who drinks correctly, possessing the psychological balance of human forces. It is the one who has a clean and serene relationship with the big A, exerting its charmful fatality in the wisest way possible.

He/she enjoys its shallow grace only when participating at one of the rites of passage such as death or birth, or at the meals of the day as a conjunctural companion.

Acohol could make you feel remorseful, broken or extremely blissful it depends how you deal with it. Due to the fact we are not focusing on the dark side of the big A, we need to say that its cosmic infinity of feelings opens the beautiful disturbance of our mind, the splendid vexation of our souls and the captivating hypocrisy of our senses. We intend to underline the idea that alcohol may take a gender.

We shall exemplify the above statement by describing 4 of the best known alcoholic beverages and their genderlike manifestations:

Wine, as it was described in the old historical stories, maintains a masculine appearance by its ritual descendence that perpetuates a stable universality of mysticism by assuring a pure dialectics of the mind using the hedonistic exposure of the body.

Nowadays, wine has seized a feminine apprehension of emotions through taking the human feelings by the gentle assault of melancholy.

Vodka could be both masculine with its strong character and its clean anger or feminine, like a determined babushka who keeps the family together during hard times,even using unorthodox methods of surviving after passing through the caudine forks and she ends up as a winner of destiny.

Beer is either decadent like an illiterate whore or cheerful like a joyful mate bringing an abyssal androgyny of the thirsty spirit.

Whiskey in our opinion is the most manly alcoholic beverage, dignified with its sobriety determination, bravery and tantalizing charm. So,masculine it is!

This anamorphic drink has a splendid bipolarity that embraces , on one hand, the essence of life, the purity of love, the royalty of a ritual, the core of a philosophic controversy and ,on the other hand, a simple and ordinary fall into your weaknesses.

It is up to you to discover its ethics and direct it to the metaphysics of drinking! Reflecting on the relationship between the big A with the two Bs: the brain and the body, we conclude that the best way of tackling alcohol is to promote the brain intellectual movements based on body decompression or relaxation.

Make alcohol your faraway friend who visits you on a special occasions and stirs your creative imagination!



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Theodor Sirbuletu
Theodor Sirbuletu

Read it responsibly or don't read and drive. Very nice cut into the permormers' states of mind and body under the wings of a strong treatment.

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