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Soul adviser How to live well

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

'' Live well“ represents the leitmotif of our lives. The notion embraces multiple perspectives of people in search of a truth of their own. Human flourishing has been a constant preoccupation of individuals since the time was young.

So, today we are longing for a state of bliss capable to fill our selves with wellness. Each one of us has a different recipe for attaining the ideal life, but most of us envisage that state of bliss in the shape of a money-grubbing existence.

Our psychological decay began a long time ago, when the thought forgot to inhabit our mind, leaving room only for material desires. That very moment caused a dangerous divorce from our inner being.

Nowadays, when majority of people develop practical abilities and a keen instinct of survival, an unexpected calamity occurs, disrupting life as we know it and our money-orientated world.

This epidemy of anxiety that we are experiencing these days caused by the well-known virus has turned our world upside down, forcing us to look unwillingly into ourselves again.

Our poor forgotten self, neglected for years is suddenly awaken during our desperate attempt to remember the core of things, how you feel when you have an anchor or the right methods of practising hope.

Once we gain what we desire, we are losing our sense of living well and we manifest an undisciplined fear of losing the property of it.

Why when an unknown and inexplicable phenomenon shattered our usual way of being, we are prone to return to the essence of life, to the wonderland of reality, in search of our own magical self?

It is because when we live in inhumane times, nothing is more healing than our own soul.

So, our soul harbours the most binged adventures into the nature of our senses and we find shelter there, where the worries are abandoned like ships on the sea, in a floating silence.

In the light of this new, unreasonable world, we craft parallel realities where ‘’living well’’ acquires a different dimension. We are shaping our lives forgetting about ordinary things, yearning for extraordinary due to the menace of existent sickness.

Mostly, the disappointment about our existence comes from the disagreement between soul and mind.

When mind tailors its need, our soul is inclined to establish a different life trajectory, seeking some trace of grace.

Mind is stern, in search of palpable evidence of wellness and soul, on the contrary has been lingering between the frontiers of our being, wandering about in an everlasting affair with love itself.

Hence, the only way to achieve the state of ‘’living well’’ is a successful marriage between mind and soul.

Mind is a bridge to human nature, facilitating a continuous encounter with our thoughts. They feed the engine of our understanding, following the best paths to our wellness, including the material one.

On the other hand, soul deals with the grandeur of the human spirit, governed by the enchanting transcendence to the other side of ourselves.

But what can feed the soul?

Art, Music, Nature …all things that are at our fingertips, forgotten in the alcove of our mind outshined so far by our materialistic purposes.

These plasters for the soul offer us the power to live the spectacle of our lives at full speed.

We, wonder-stricken vagabonds navigate the moments of our lives with the sole purpose of having love.

So, how can we live well? By nourishing Love in all its idiosyncrasies.

Love is in everything and everywhere. Even in hate or in other unfriendly manifestations of war against ourselves.

Love will refine our truth, helping us to find the way to our magic self, the only one capable of manifesting its dual pledge to mind and soul alike.

So, make an event from every ordinary task of your day, smile even your heart is torn, embrace your pain with the lucidity of your thought and use it in order to make the music of your life!

Cry from the bottom of your heart, scream from the top of your lungs, run through the morning dew, read your favourite book in the silence of your soul, sing loud even if your voice collapses, gaze the stars until you fall asleep, give a hug to a total stranger, pray in solitude, look at the wonders of nature, dance in the rain, recite a poem, listen to a child’s heart, kiss your dear ones like it is the last time, paint naked canvas, listen to the music with your soul, write an unbelievable story, tell beautiful lies, dress like a movie star while cooking, offer flowers to the ones who never get them, make love until you lose your senses, tell naughty jokes, make memorable mistakes, eat chocolate, be defiant, protect the weak, learn from the wise, keep a secret till you die, be happy for no reason, dare to be vulnerable, to suffer, to hope, to dream!

And do not forget!

Give hugs to your mind and your soul will bloom!

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