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Places of solitude

Solitude. White loneliness

People are tailored differently, carrying polymorphic solitudes that shape their inner conduct.

Solitude is a boost thinking journey into your internal universe of thoughts.

In the old times of Plato, the perception about solitude embraced all the mechanical ingredients of loneliness as a feeling of melancholy purposely leading to isolation of thoughts in order for them to evolve into ideas.

The intellectual loneliness could be easily turned into solitude or I’d better choose a specific utterance: SOULitude – as an ensouled loneliness, a mere introspection that gives you life fuel or SOLEitude – the existence of the only person involved in the process of thinking.

In other times, this binomial construction of solitude emerged from the inner necessity of understanding the world, being an induced state of loneliness for intellectual purposes.

Nowadays, solitude represents the bare feeling of loneliness, a social and spiritual estrangement generating anxiety and sadness.

The connotation of loneliness is linked to the negative side of the feelings in opposition to solitude that deals with the inner life of the soul itself as a vehicle of self discovery.

If you ask Loneliness when she’s a little: “What would you like to become when you grow up?” She will answer straight away: “Solitude”. 

Solitude stands for the paratext of loneliness, a conscious extension of a concept, evolving in images.

The place of solitude in people could be either their heaven or hell.

Solitude is ethereal, fluid, light, creative, delivering our visceral truth in an ultimate morphological shell of a thought.

This conveys our intimate heaven of hopes and dreams.

It is solitude that reaches our metaphysical horizons, the intimacy of a prayer and the eloquence of a soliloquy. Loneliness evokes the heavy, solid and uncomplimentary references from your own consciousness, an elegy of a lost thought, mirroring your Hell of emotions, like a majestic foe.

Loneliness is not able to celebrate happiness,unless it is gratified with enjoyable quarrels with your inner self.


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