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Mythologies of Age Part 3: Childhood. The cradle of Time

Childhood is the prelude of the Age seen as the paradigm of Hope and Serenity that exhibits the composition of the Divine philosophy of Life. Childhood is a light-hearted journey of  Time into the nakedness of the Soul , following the predestined program of the Universe. This age doesn’t have history, other than the genetic one, a blessed forgetfulness from previous times that manifests its glory in a peaceful recovery of its latest memories.

It is the childhood that stands out by its perfect imperfections.

The unpredictability of this incipient age of Life offers the opportunity of instituting a natural normality, a normative model of world’s complexity expressed by an ever changing behaviours and purposes.

Children,the most delightful performers of miracles don’t admit defeat , playing sweet Time blasphemies, copying the pattern of the Cosmic Life and participate majestically to the world’s enlightenment.

Childhood is an emotional refinery of sentiments, evoking the wisdom of Mankind in the sublime homage to Nature. Children will borrow from Nature the primitive ceremony of Love in the prevailing atmosphere of exuberance.

As Nature develops its universal mechanism of self-preservation and renewal, children generate the perfect ornament of Life following the natural world’s archetype.

Little people act spontaneously like the Nature phenomena in a predefined freedom that we know it is likely to happen but we can’t perceive the form it will take.

The fascinating methodology of the lack of control finds its origin both in Nature and in Human Nature. Unexpectedness of Childhood makes its spectators to be in a permanent state of awe, intrigued by the most powerful helplessness and enchanted by its supernatural attitude.

But not all the children experience the nature of childhood. In the middle of uncontrollable frenzy of Life, there are children who can’t perform the exercise of childhood, because of their physical and psychological miseries, being victims of an inescapable oppression. They will delay and hesitate to live outside of their world, locking their beauty in the depths of their hearts and releasing a deceiving veil of darkness. So, never judge children by their behaviour ! Context has always a meaning attached to what it surrounds. Try to understand children’s savagery rather than condemn it! The enigmatic nature of children should be worshipped no matter what , as a grateful retort for all the idolatric Love they offer unconditionally. Cherish all children as if they were yours!

Childhood has a mythic occurrence : it could dance on no music, it could fly with no wings,it could make noise in the silence and it could be seen in its invisibility. The age of childhood announces the perfect luminosity of Time, a standing invitation to Purity and Magic, a mystic communion with God , an irresistible practice of playfulness and devouring effervescence.

In the era of Little people, miracles happen every day, you will find unconditional Love, no promiscuity of preconceptions, no judgements, but only laughters, giddiness, hope, pure tears of Magic, joy or pain and a lot of Soulness, a lot of Soul accompanied by an undocumented wisdom. The childhood wisdom has heroic proportions coming naturally, following the path of common sense in an intrinsic game of feelings and dreams. It might be incontinently overcame by the eagerness of its problem solving and its sweet instauration of peace. Little people don’t comprehend resentments, but only sentiments. It is the children who attach peacefulness to everything they touch as their inner urge to go smoothly into the world. Childhood always likes to be appraised by new ideas, by entertainment and by the universe of human communication. Children subsequently develop ways of self discovery and evolving through their innate philosophy. Their philosophy pertains both to Universe and to the galaxies of their soul in an innovative union of creative energies. When a child is looking with a great deal of interest at unanimated things such as : a natural phenomenon or a planet, he/she will have the immediate intention to give Life to them, because children are the very essence of Life. They need to communicate to everything in the world, considering everything around them alive. For them, Death does not exist, but being seen as an enchanted passage to another kingdom of Life. Children don’t use their eyes to see, but their soul in a sheer purity of their senses and they have an inbuilt radar to detect the lack of authenticity. A child is a master of genuinity , making a continuous resistance to phoniness ,transforming ordinary into extraordinary through play. Imagine the following situation: 3 year old child gets hurt,starts crying, sobbing, showing an apocalyptic state of misery and Mum says:”I have some fairy dust for you. It is not much, but it will help”. Once the child has been invited to step into the land of magic he will be capable immediately to capture the therapeutic power of the fairy dust and the unpleasantness will be forgotten with serenity. Children adopt magic as part of their universe, as a triumphant solution for everything. They possess their natural wisdom of believing in fairytales as an euphemistic alternative to an unfriendly existence, an imperial escapism from their inner foes. They will develop gratitude to Universe , rejoicing into an unearthly bliss, giving the world the chance to reborn. Little people are legitimate dreamers , daydreamers who dream outside in comparison to adults who dream inside, not daring to display their dreams, to let them be or to follow them. Children treat dreams with seriosity, purging their unhappiness through them.They are capable of transcending the realm of natural becoming the adherents of supranatural. They are prone to detect supranatural in fairytales. The fairytales dominate their world because they invoke the supranatural beings as temporary Saviours, being in a constant need for miracles. This call for Magic represents for the little people the unconscious idea of God , an ample gesture of claiming enchantment and a magical escape from the dangers to come in their adult life. Children are able to spot magic everywhere, in the sky, on Earth, in the mud or in the water. So, picture this: A child looking at a violent rain and an adult facing the same situation. The child’s reaction will be enthusiastic and he/she will be jumping into the puddles, singing, laughing or screaming out of joy. On the other hand, the grown-up will be mouning about the miserable weather. Little people have a different reaction because they are always inclined to optimism, having an unaltered wisdom, a bright wit coming from their inner depths and from their latent knowledge, residing in their little minds in order to create a vision.

Childhood is immortal if you let it be. It is the age of absolute Truth, Spontaneity,  Purity,  Loud Laughters, of shuddering cries and tremendous Joy. It is the Little people who offer hugs irrespective of the circumstances, who deliver deafening laughters and screams, who succeed in eliciting the warmest cuddles from the Big people who keep forgetting to do that. The childhood main prerogative is telling the uncomfortable Truth in such a natural way that no one can be ever offended. The children are walking miracles, eager to offer their Love to anyone who deserves, reaching effortlessly its quintessence by the way they know how to express their feelings. The same raw wisdom urges the children to communicate verbally or non-verbally in the most unexpected ways. They master the art of communication by being proficient in talking to their hands, mouths, eyes in an endless blast of emotions. Everything that we have stated above pleads the cause of childhood, being appointed as the Age of Soul. So,stop telling your children:”Behave!”, but decompose the phrase and say “Have Be!”, in other words , be in the possession of your own being:”Be yourself!”. AND YOU, CHILDREN WHO UNFORTUNATELY GREW UP, DON’T GIVE UP ON CHILDHOOD, LEARN FROM THE LITTLE PEOPLE: JUMP IN THE PUDDLES, GIVE HUGS FOR NO REASON, KISS THE RAINBOW, FOLLOW THE BEAUTIFUL MADNESS OF YOUR MIND AND YOUR TEARS WILL TURN INTO SMILES!

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