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Mythologies of Age Part 1:Youthdom

Most of the time, we are losing ourselves in our age, reproducing the products of our Mind in the safe remnants of the preconceptions we bear.

We sink in our Time, forming an universal memory of Us, encapsulated in a pattern given by the manufactured society.

The course of our age doesn’t have to be predictable, it is not compulsory to follow all the pre-destined phases of your existence implemented by conformity.

You could have your own personal Youth,anytime!

Youth is an Arcadian age of Time, endowed with the beatitude of Madness, with the creative Irrationality of Thoughts, growing into a careless and frameless chronology of war within.

Youth can follow two patterns: the innate Youth, the ordinary one, the one you don’t have merits for and the Youth you acquire after losing the first one.

The innate Youth is exactly what you expect to be : the age of turbulence, of tribulations, recklessness, sweet lunacy, of love and innocence or both in one. We take this kind of youth for granted, we know it is not reliable, but it embraces the most alluring, but also the most deceiving and disappointing form of life.

It is a perturbatory age, where drifting is the only Creed and enthusiasm reaches diabolic dimensions. This known Youth distinguished itself by its controversial revolution of the body and mind, causing either fear and reluctance or uncontrollably blast of anger and frenzy.

It is impossible to estimate the magnitude of Youth, but you can definitely feel its relentlessness, hear its astounding glory and taste its magnificent bravery.

The first Youth is not cursive, but steep and whimsical , a true emotional precipice. The innate Youth displays an anarchic promise that sells illusions in the most majestic way, being an extreme riot, a defoliate laughter that invades the world’s horizons with the magnificence of the life desire.

The aged Youth, the second one, represents a sophomoric journey into yourself.

This ripe Youth Is not a poser, it is losing its sense of suddenness and the fatal identity of hope, living an introvert existence in the suburbs of your MIND.

A stage where the mature Youth does its performance is perfectly adapted to the constellations of your Mind, not to temporality. It is that kind of youth you have to build gradually in compliance with your dreams.We will call this Youthdom: your own galaxy of dreams and emotions.

The architecture of this galaxy of the second youth into your life is built on the scaffolding of a constant adventure into your Mindland, into the kingdom of your heart, overcoming the abruptness and the inclemency of the social conventions.

This is the most beautiful accident of Time.

Unfortunately, not everybody could achieve this state of the second Youth, but only those being able to fall in love all over again , not aiming at a particular beneficiary of their passion.

This kind of youth never ends, dealing with a moment suspended in Time, when Logic is abolished in order to reach the condition of being “wisemerising” (this is not an acknowledged concept, but one born out of Love, referring to the wisdom transfixed by Love).

It’s up to you to taste this mysteriousophical age of Mind, if you dare!

Age should strip off its temporality in order to open windows of perceptions, mere pathways to immortality of thoughts.



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