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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Moon.. so bewitched she was

By a daring Sun who shone upon her

And came undone.

They melted into a pagan shrine

Aligned until they glowed and rhymed

It was utterly divine!

Thus, after seasons of lovesick, they tore apart

Their hearts, their work of art,

And she loved him oh!..... even more

Behind her unapologetic door.

Till a stranger, coming from nowhere

Knew their secret and did dare

To spread it fiercely everywhere.

For she accused Moon of loving Sun

When married she was to another one.

But unknown to her is that Moon left behind

The one who unbrave was in his mind,

Choosing the unspoken verse, the king of her universe.

And did she weep, and weep until she went to sleep

And love came new for the old one,

But forgotten was for he who came undone

For he spoke about his Moon

And his love seemed so out of tune.

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