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Mind design The journey through you

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Mind design.The journey through you

All of us tend to strive to discover a way of improving our existence, to align ourselves with our desires, to evolve in a spiritual context.

We regularly leave our concomitant guilt of not doing enough to achieve our happiness.

What a complicit term deprived of amusement in spite of it technical elation! Why? Cause the journey towards happiness involves so much torment, so many tribulations, a war of passions, a rampant trajectory of sorrow.

We have been flirting with happiness since our early debut into the world, constructing a reflexive dream of becoming owners of our own joy. Happiness has a strong sense of

sadness, a compelling power of intention and an archaic hedonism, an immediate oblivion of misfortunes.

Happiness constantly betrays the reason, in a philosophic desertion of the collective awareness. It happens one at the time, not taking into account the coordinates of reality. It doesn't care about reality, but about perception upon it. Happiness is always young

irrespective of its actual age, it has the incipient impatience of surprise and the splendid damage of a theatrical last scene.

We long for that filigreed scaffolding of happiness but we don't have the exact consciousness of its meaning and how to achieve it. In our early age, we don't have to earn that blessed state of felicity, we own it, it's there, inbuilt into our minds, in direct connection to our soul. We don't use it consciously, but live it in the harmony with our inner universe, not daring to spoil it by upgrading it, by making alterations, by overusing it.

In the purity of children's heart lies the art of acquiring happiness without making any effort.

Our journey will be made not in an outer emotional space, but in the inshore of our being, in your places of (soul)itude.

Happiness is there, in our emotional matrix, since birth. The problem is that once we find it, we can't endure it, we use it all at once, mostly in the realm of lovefield, investing it into duology of an amorous partnership.

We often forget that happiness is involved in all our soul domains. It doesn't need makeup, because it is naturally beautiful. Happiness is to be consumed in the silence of our soul,

transforming loneliness in (soul)iude, invading all our emotional spaces, growing genuine passions that will embellish our world with ornaments of heavenly euphoria.

When you carve a piece of wood, a tangible happiness will arouse unwillingly, repeating the behavioral pattern of our creator, giving birth to a material miracle. The summum of these

kind of miracles builds the substance of our happiness. We are able to design our own daily miracles, but we don't bother to understand the gifts we are given in order to craft our existence in its pursuit of happiness.

Our happiness dwells in ourselves, in a dormant condition. We don't have to earn it, but feel it, in its purity. The only way to reach happiness is to prepare an emotional environment for it and it will appear in a bundle of small wonders.

Many of our fellows can't recognise happiness when they see it. That's because thereisn't such a thing like a plain happiness, the way people imagine it. Happiness is an existential mistake sprinkled with droplets of sorrow, sadness and melancholy.

It is to be found in the suburbs of our mind and into our soul directory. Everybody has it, but few are able to handle it.

Dear people of the world, I propose to you a moment of psychological ensoulment, by descending into your illimitable depths of light, into our(soul)itude, in order to extract the

core of our life.

Each soul has its own way of treating emotions and healing its psychological wounds.

This forms an unique set of soul fingerprints.

To attain the state of happiness, we need to reach our psychological well-being.

There is a way to obtain the ultimate state of mind well-being through creating our own soulscape, breaking through, on the other side of our soul, through the portal of our perceptions, in our subconscious soul.

Our soul is a threshold bordering two worlds:the consciousness and the one of

subconsciousness. Happiness is to be kept inside, not to get trivialised. Once it comes out, its power will be lost.

But how do we build a soulscape? The easiest recipe is to gather all our inner pleasures, memories, desires and make our own poetry, dramatize it and take all of them beyond the portal of our soul.

Our cathartic anima is absorbing all our miniatural happinesses and creates a mind bubble filled with all the treasures of our heart and mind without junk thoughts. So, decluttering and sorting are absolutely mandatory. One more thing…. we don't have to forget to

incorporate our sorrow, the sum of our heart and mind lessons that make happiness bloom, evolve and grow.

It is compulsory for the happiness to work in the background of our soulscape in order to preserve our sense of appreciation towards to what we have. Within our soulscape, we will have the chance to craft our own kind of well-being, watching in silence its steady advance.

This is the place where we could make the soundtrack of our happiness, putting together our olfactive and tactile pleasures, our nonchalant aspirations to affection, cocooning our emotions.

It is advisory to get addicted to our inland of bliss, because this is our benigne drug, our LSD or MDMA created buy us, in our soul laboratory.

Most of us can't attain the happiness cause we forget to lay its foundation. The foundation of happiness rests in pain and sorrow. Our happiness has to contain our consciousness of grief

and transform it into an attitude, into an emotional dogma.

Beyond our sorrow, there is a state of completeness. The principle to be followed is:" Use your wounds; they are the only one capable to heal you, to lead you towards your own inner prosperity!''.

This process of building a prepared environment for our happiness comes from our emerging wounds. This event happens in the liminal space between dreams and reality.

We call this our inner metempsychosis, where our soul has to die several times in order to be reborn in an another emotional dimension, being able to heal us from inside, to create another chemistry of pain.

When we succeeded in creating our own soulscape, we will be able to harvest our happiness! The brightest light lies in the darkest place!

Design your mind by building your own pattern of joy!

Nobody can't give you a hand with that, it's a journey through yourself!

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Laura Grá
Laura Grá
12 Mei 2020



Mihai Țîmpău
Mihai Țîmpău
12 Mei 2020

Te-ai întrecut pe tine, Laura! Un mare bravo de la mine!

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