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Luna(tic) saga

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

His Luna shines in charming beams,

Longing for kisses from the Sun,

Dwelling in defiant Night dreams,

Lingering in the sky at dawn.

She is brave in her posture and serene

And still in love with Solar song,

But she swore to become a silent Queen

And never cause the deed of doing wrong.

She sows her precious seeds in a peaceful thought,

Keeping by her heart his sunny blisses

And sending blooming flowers of forget me not

In daring morning smiles dressed in eternal misses.

Thus,Sun will capture Moonly kisses in his eclipse,

Pouring all his tears in the rain’s regrets,

So, their Dance will live forever in a sweet elipse,

And his soul bleeding turning into loud sunsets.

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