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Handwriting, the lost art of soul

Nowadays, handwriting is the lost jewel of forgotten rituals of the soul. But for those who love the art of writing, it is a splendid ornament of the ancient philosophy of mind, an intricate romance of the letters that adorn their stature with graceful lines of lost signs of time.

Since Mesopotamian cuneiforms took the roughness of the stone and the dignity of old times, the fascinating act of writing has been evolving according to the meandros of the collective thoughts, gaining the victory of universality.

At the beginning, the writing was merely geometric, following the symmetry of the people's minds, creating simple patterns of psychological trajectory of purposeful thoughts. Then, the writing evolved, and in the year of 400 A.D., in the Roman empire, it attained the fluency of a sentence, the character of its own by the existence of the ligatures that make letters to know each other better.

Later,in medieval times, letters gained more personality by displaying religious stories in a fastuous presentation, giving the initial letter regal honours and to the rest of the letters the artistic touch of a well-educated writer. In the old times, the most important documents or books were written using an attentively chosen handwriting techniques taught in special institutions of Penmanship (calligraphy schools).

In order to increase the writing speed, the cursive type of writing appeared as a corollary of a superb handskill of exhibiting the letters in a neat and harmonious way. Handwriting holds the beauty of the words in the captivity of their shiftshaping appearance.

The very craft of penmanship was born from the core of our mind, taking the form of our thoughts and ideas. It is the handwriting's lack of perfection makes it mysterious and imprecise in its viability and capriciousness.

Our handwriting is thoroughly linked to our soul through the intrinsic energy of the letters that carry the magic of our mind thrills. Typing on the computer is handy and no time-consuming, nevertheless, but the letters have the identity of a collective written utterance with no sensibility and no imperfections but with a cautious electronic sanity.

Handwriting has a voice, a sound and an echo of the words due to its beautiful semantic instability and the unexpected fragility of the letters. When we are using a piece of paper for writing , the paper will become us, the letters will communicate through their delicate liasions, in a subtle and subconscious manner, in disagreement with one another, but growing in a constructive polemic of forms.

When writing on the paper, the connection between us and our letters are realised through our soul, following the letters whimsical way of expressing their own opinion about the meaning of the words they form.

Our soul is revealing its own thrills through the way we are using our hand in writing. Obviously, if our soul elicits various emotions, our hand will be pressing the paper or getting it loose then, the letters will suffer and adventurous lack of linearity. Handwriting is nurtured by the innerness of our soul, incorporating the very personality of the performer.

The soul performs a mythical journey, having control upon human body, in particular upon our hand that reveals by its movement an insightful journey into the depths of our personality.

Handwriting has evolved from its hieratic form comprised in the precious documents of the church or of different institutions to the demotic style used today as mean of expressing ideas in a depersonalised way. In modern times, people's handwriting seem to look the same, irrespective of the writer, losing its fluency, openess and spontaneity.

Due to the use of the computers, the handwriting appears to be obsolete, pretentious and purposeless even if it is the only one capable of displaying the passion and the emotional receptivity of our soul.

The study of handwriting discloses a true art of the letters' significance by taking into consideration the fact that the handwriting presents its commitment towards the paper through its linguistic adventure that builds memories in the generous archive of symbols coming from the core of our souls.

Graphology (the science of interpreting writing) has proved during the years the availability of the emotional signs to be transformed into the written symbols of words. The handwriting represents the pitch of your written voice, an adorable miracle witnessing centuries of feelings.

Handwriting holds the divine luminance, a way of showing how our soul transcends its inner boundaries and manifests its personality into the world. Being unpredictable makes handwriting entertaining causing a peculiar manifestation of human curiosity. When handwriting needs a steady appearance it evolves in calligraphy, the more acribic experience of the written words, displaying an artful way of falling in love with the beauty that lies in the reflection of writing.

Calligraphy transforms handwriting into a philosophical love story that makes the words vibrate at the same time, in the same place. Handwriting is observed taking into account the liaison between hand and brain developed through the muscle memory that makes words join in a cursive display and on the other hand, the connection between hand and soul through our affective memory that engages our spiritual forces.

Handwriting attains the high realms of consciousness offering the world the uniqueness of the creative self, a true metaphor of the mechanical practice of writing and a chance to craft emotional and spontaneous soul artifacts.


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Laura Grá
Laura Grá
Jan 28, 2020

So,true.we should do that.


Theodor Sirbuletu
Theodor Sirbuletu
Jan 28, 2020

It is a real chance that handwriting will become in terms of next few generations one of ours' lost magic powers, available only for few...shamans. The father of one friend of mine told us in 1997, when mobile phones started to get on Romanian market that he will not use mobile phones ever. In less then 2 years he bought the first mobile phone, in 6 years he had two in 2 different networks. Nowdays, we can speak and the phone writes it for us...Will see, world is changing lightning fast. But, until then, keep writing, is good for soul, for brain and for those who read it. When was the lost time when wrote a letter or similar on…

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