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(Epic)demic or the story of a bornout God

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

My dear fellow citizens of Earth,

Once upon a time, a biological-economical plague turned our world upside down in a

dissembling catastrophe that led us towards a new order created by governmental gods.

Our God has left temporarily on vacation, to find himself, to question himself that his

existence is still required, to recover himself from the psychosis he got while coaching humanity , to gather strength to go on in his quasi suicidal mission.

Our God is loved declaratively, praised falsely, invoked only in times of sadness and sorrow, cornered him, disbelieved him, mocked, injured and the worst of all....forgotten.

He was fed up and decided to extract himself from this old-fashioned paradigm of faith and do

a little bit of introspection work in an ascesis of his mind.

God, in his deliberate mind confinement had a striking epiphany about how humans grew self-polished emotions, eviscerated of humanity, of love or consideration.

God didn't feel he was needed or wanted on a regular basis, but only when misfortunes

stroke the world.

He always wanted to put the seeds of faith into people's mind in order for them to build an armour of bliss and love. Unfortunately, they did just the opposite, they followed intricate and contradictory dogmas, upturning their spirituality and focussing on the golden and shallow part of a misunderstood religion, in a profound and arrogant bigotry.

Our worn-out God realised his messages had been taken in a wrong way by our dear

humans , the more love had been sent, the more hate had grown, the more peace he had

preached in his books the more wars had been initiated.

We are living a pointless existence where common sense is entrapped in a faraway part of our life, people are kneeling in a bland simulacrum of faith ,instead of looking at the sky, where being considerate is a a major fault and smiles become grins.

God had been striving unceasingly to warn us, not being an indifferent transcendent

demiurge, but a sensitive and engaged shepherd of our lost flock.

God must have been too subtle ,not expressing his wisdom in a protruding way due to the fact he relied on humans' sense of perception and their capacity of detecting magic .

His approach of delivering magic is through his miracles.

People have been suffering many changes throughout time, but in their search for wealth and commodity , and they have lost the grasp of the miracles, they forgotten their humanity, failing to remember they have ever had it.

Nowadays, humans carry a name emptied of its meaning due to the loss of human

practice. Few express empathy to the unfortunate ones, kindness is in oblivion, communication uses a phony methodology and the humans become inhumane in an unmindful and rotten universe of sprouting dehumanisation.

The epidemic cataclysm that we are witnessing now has come as a natural consequence of the authorship of ego that has been pervading all layers of humanity.

On the other hand, the world's big political and economical predators play selfish games of power in a disquised form of philanthropy, bearing a sardonic type of democracy, attacking the very notion of truth.

. The compartments of the common sense have been dissolved in a vortex of human

alienation, love dissolution and loss of empathy leading to a deep collective solitude. The petty interests of the governments are growing into hideous conspiracies that feed a silent and febrile war of hate and indifference.

The precipice of our spiritual hollow has built a deplorable attitude towards the planet we live on, mistreating her, rejecting her natural generosity, not noticing her free therapeutic benevolence, not paying attention of her needs but, exhausting her resources and not giving anything in return.

We have followed the behavioural pattern of our leaders, in a mimetic reflex of moral destruction formed in order to please a twisted ethics of society.

This epidemic as a divine punitive measure invites humanity indirectly to lucidity, to

reflection and meditation. The world is deprived of authenticity and kindness, so at this

particular point we have a love-hate relationship with the virus that has invaded us.

We hate it because it kills us with cruelty and we love it unconsciously because it represents our revival, our sympathetic eye. Our world is broken!

Our appetite for apocalyptic scenarios has been taking many aspects in different eras of humanity, but it has never left our thought. We need little apocalypses to justify the corrosive nature of our minds and hearts.

Normally, life flows in simple idiosyncrasies and we have the chance to express our apologetic feelings by selecting one of the two ways of our dichotomic existence: the pathway of God and the one of the “Prince of lies”.

We have a way out ,it is not too late, we have to reconquer our spiritual balance in a world vexed by our phony values.

Coerced to stay in isolation, the whole world has the chance to heal itself from inside,

searching for the meaningful territories of solitude, adopting a true eugenics of our refreshing thoughts, the genetics of our mind.

The best recipe for overcoming the estrangement of these dark times is the instauration of our own personal Dreamtopia consisting in creating our mind events fed by the sap of our soul, projecting our utopic thoughts into alternative world where daydreaming is practised. May we be the aristrocrats of our soul!

Dreamscapes of our mind will occupy our space of fear and social lonelines We hold in ourselves the supernatural power of healing.

May we be forgiven! When we are ready to walk again into the sunshine,God will return to us!

So, hold onto Light!

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