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Eclectic love

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I met you in order to show me around,

To learn how to fly without touching the ground,

Then you wrapped me in the light of the day

And reverently you swept me away.

Since that moment, it has never been the same.

I started dancing in my Mind,

Feeling the happiness inside,

I touched the Fire, without being burnt,

I felt the Wind like an alluring flirt,

I fell in love with the Lightning and the storm,

I put the rain into my hair to adorn

My world that was on hybernating mode,

Now, wide open, ready to explode.

Your kisses filled my World with bliss,

Their flavour I am about to miss,

In magic circles,I packed them in my purse,

Cherishing them like a mesmerising curse.

And now, when you are gone, I am not afraid,

Serenely,I remembered what you said

That you are giving me a moment of your time,

And even when it’ s over you make me shine,

Cause that brightness will never leave,

Being beyond the things we can’t conceive.

That sweet magic happened in a blink of an eye

And I would do it again, even if I had to die.

And I’ll levitate in a dance of Life,

Putting a smile in every strife,

Waiting for a hopeful tomorrow,

Learning to feel the joy in sorrow.

But,I’ll be here, my Midnight Sun,

I’ll never dare to hit and run,

Cause Our Love is music of our Mind,

In our souls, under our skin,

In our sins from a forbidden dream

And I’ll be there, everywhere,

In everything you love and care

And if you need me, dream of me,

And in my presence, you will be.

I’ll be there,in every tune,

When you’ re gazing at the stars and longing for the Moon,

I’ll be in your morning cup,

Before you go to bed and after you wake up,

I’ll be in the heart of the shining Sun,

In every fairytale, felt by eveyone,

I’ll be in Love and Love alone,

Into the silence of a Stone,

Over the world,in the colours of the Rainbow,

Before the rain, into the clouds’ inuendo,

Into your prayer, into your curse,

Into your smile or when feeling worse,

I’ll meet you in the world unseen,

On the edge of an enchanting dream.

You’ll carry me in every loss,

Around your finger,into your cross,

Into your Heaven, down to your Hell,

Into your blood ,in every cell.

I’ll be in every stanza in your brain,

Making love with words all over again.


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