• Laura Grá


Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Once upon a summertime,

Sun ran into the Moon

And like it’s written in the sky

They’re re sentenced to a doom.

Sun skipped the protocol,

Keeping Moon in his arms

Longer than she glowed upon

His proud and pristine charm.

With grace, she left to let him breathe

And shine like once before,

Repelling what she does need,

Loving him even more.

He grieved, redeemed,

She’ s lost for good,

Then, love her in her dream

In pure and silent mood he caught

Her image,in his beam.

She didn’t even spot his turn,

Praying to slip her mind,

Never dreaming his return

Or mingle with his kind.

He stole her dreams every night,

With her not being aware

And when her morning is up,bright

She did forget that he was there.

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