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Dialectics of Love Part 2. Love in the time of Covid 19

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In times of normality, we longed for our mind confinement, for an orchestrated freedom where we were able to either hear our voice in a praised echo of our ego or the lament of our psyche.

We claimed time, as an universal right to gain a temporal reward in order to indulge

ourselves with synesthetic yearnings of our mind.

In our deliberate confinement, we commemorate seasons of pain and joy and when the

burden of our thinking is unbearable, we step out of our spiritual dungeon, delaying

another encounter with ourselves.

In this context, love manifests its tenets through a belligerent sentiment of facing our

existential tribulations wth scorn, rather than peace and wisdom.But the foreseeable possibility

of escaping ourselves offers us the illusion of betterment, of sacrificing our selves in order to

smooth our path into the world.And being busy is the perfect getaway to avoid


These days, the confinement imposed by the pandemic of fear caused by the outbreak of

the perfidious Covid 19 reveals various dimensions of love comprised in existential episodes

that process either the virtue of wisdom or the foolishness of mind miscarriages.

Love, in the times of confinement acquires an obtrusive mantle of malevolence

breaking into domestic quarrels overlooking the egocentric derision against the most beloved

people in our life.

In isolation, the spatiality of love manifests its prescriptive right upon the emotional

perimeter of our mind through establishing momentary solitudes in order to escape from the

smothering bond of a weary relationship. Even the courtship ventures to detach from the old

way of setting an exhaustible fund of charms to an immediate sensuality that can easily slip

towards the precipice of lust.

Now, space and time become the most important ingredients influencing a relationship due

to their dichotomic manifestation in the matters of affection as follows: the space is

comprising and the time is expanding.So, the parameters of affection are depending on these

two variables.

In the realm of mandatory confinement, small disturbances reach unbearable proportions,

by leaving the world of ordinary and heading to a liminaly space where unexamined

postulates of our mind display their potency in order to generate an alternative existence.

In this unusual context, our mind could become our saviour or our imminent foe. These are

times when mind distancing is not wanted while the emotional emptiness is squeezing in your

eardrums. The way we are cohabitating with ourselves casts a life-inducing significance on the

undertones of our mind.Now, it is compulsory to cocoon our mind, not collapsing into

ourselves unmeaningfully.

Recreating the emotional environment of our mind is our way out.So, don't flee from your

own poetry, embrace your selfessness with gratitude and elation. Treat yourselves better, lift your

spirits by contemplating your sense of inner love!Caress your thoughts, tame them with the

mysterious excitement of your subconscious and listen to the music of your subliminal


Make love with your mind as if it were an unfanciful handsome roque!

Love germinates in different soils, watered by our sense of predicament, by our collective

estrangement, by a devastating fear of immateriality, by a domestic concupiscence or by our

spiritual pain.

Uncommon situations of intimacy are built out of desperation of human touch or out of

muffled fury that feeds our impotence of affective travelling.The sentiments are captive, the

sense of duty overthrows them because they capture a graceful desperation in front of danger.

In times of peril, the natural variety of supernatural replaces the linearity of a repetitive

mundane human spectacle.

Love in time of isolation could also offer us the chance to overcome its limitations, being

able to explore an universal voyage to the womby warmth of our being, to the origin of human


Love will outlive our existence on Earth, it is timeless and unflustered.In the limited space of

our home, love returns to its intrinsic values, breaching the promise of fame and focussing on

its lare familiarities.

The entire structure of our affection is either inclined to turn into a vile investment or to

flourish into an incongruent bespeaking of initiatic process of spiritual rebirth. This internment

willingly accepted for the sake of our body's safety leads us to our emotional revival, to

another soul identity that loves differently in a propensity of bliss. The menace of plausible

death determines a twist in our emotional field ,making us eager to consume every single love

molecule, exorcising our life malignancy.

We have the unhoped opportunity to build the special qualities of silence, embracing a new

era of intimacy, outside of our bedroom, in a sanctuary of our spiritual underthings.

Now,we have all the time in the world to suppress the hasty interventions in our intimate

universe, to linger…..not to pull the curtains of prudery, to perform daring rituals in the vicinity

of our lovefield, to step out of concupiscence and meet the courage of prolonging the journey

of our senses.

It is high time for us to escape the torpid boredom of lust and gaze upon our body with the

reference of (meta)physicality. Women can cook their femininity by adoring the gleaming

filament of manhood from the distance, through the untouching caresses, through a sweet

menace of our senses, through the innocence of fidgeting emotions, creating a personal event

of our intimacy!

Even the masks made for keeping the pandemic enemy away could be used in our boudoir

confinement as an amorous token of dalliance that feeds our nascent romantic nature.

Now, it is more likely to discover the effusion of our passion that has been

uncuffed in the

prison of our mind that is ready to bloom and surrender in front of our dusty prejudices.

Time ,being on our side, we could scandalously dare to adorn the silky veil of our epidermis

with the mind instruments of our love territory. The tracing patterns of our fingers could follow our

muscular memory that alights love itineraries on our skin.

On the remote hemisphere of our isolation, other events of the heart could be displayed in a

painful scenario of love .Love could establish its own protocol of sadness if the dear ones

are lost, departed into underground journey, defeated by the unknown sickness into the world

In our constrained freedom, the Valhallan dream acquires the dimension of transcendence

into an unamused, but pain free universe of inverted bravery. Imminence of sickness

prefigures a meek and unwarmed ceremony of passing, with no mourning audience for the

safety's sake. The catafalques overlooking God's county carry the humble penitence of faith,

diluting the passing rituals till the purest arrangement of redemption.

In these sad circumstances, the spiritual affairs with our mind are resolved handsomely by

filling unwillingly our vacant solitude with genuine, unspectacular and unattended praying


These are times given to notice things, to make the absence palpable, to perceive death

blissfully, to tackle tenderly our pain, to tame our inner apocalypse. This spiritual event will

encapsulate the bliss of love, the acceptance of death as an elemental part of life.

Now, we shall learn how to walk on rusted wire if we have in our place of confinement

fallen angels, caught in the trap of distant nebula of addiction or anxiety.

They could be lost in their realm of remoteness, fighting against their own mainstream, ripping

their feeble happiness in order to build abrupt patterns of falling into themselves.

In a maleficent bliss of complacency, their pedant hallos of sinfulness bloom in a creeping

erosion of their mind,experiencing weary annoyances of their thoughts.Ferocious demons are

roaring their chants of anger in the heart of people's torment. And ….we either manifest our

touch of contempt or adopt an anarchic pathos to fledging remedies.

In this decaying situation,when the extrinsic peril occurs to accessorise the dissolution of

the emotional democracy of the family, we need to appeal to the apologetic lavatory of our

consciousness.And we soldiers of our lovelike war until we leave our emotional

outfit behind and walk in our naked simplicity.

Love, in these times of illusive darkness earns the sense of immanence, confiding in its

superb liability, returning to its ancient candour, without being perturbed by the civilization's


Grow your latent love from the devine effluvium of your soul and direct it towards the purest

wisdom of nature! Transcend your standard love and make it blush one more time!

Do not winter the summers of your soul!

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