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Emotions are anorganic dreams that give identity to our soul.

There is motion in emotions. Our actual experience of performing and receiving emotions implies the vibrant movement of feelings and sensitivities. Emotions can’t be static because they leave the ermetic land of cognition in order to re-adjust themselves on their way to accomplish their controversial and sentimental livelihood.They are in continuous transformation within our privileged self, the one responsible for projecting emotions into the outright touchness of the irrational ground of our mind capable to reach the spirited part of the soul.Emotions evolve into feelings if they are not obstructed by reason or by external ill behaved entities of animosities that install the state of coercion upon our stream of passionate virtues.It is the emotions that shape the passion that grows into an unpremeditated evaluation of our desires.There are ascending emotions that make our mind grow and our soul levitate, conveying either a colloquial and consistent happiness or an unbearable beautiful elation.These kind of emotions enter somptuously into our inner heart, reversing our cognitive and behavioural routine, injecting sublime frenzy, regal tumult and anticipated joy into our core of passion.The most accurate epitome of ascending emotions is the one caused by love itself in its multiple configurations. Falling in love creates a dazed and confused thrill similar to that of winning the lottery, presenting the most attractive foolishness that serves the purpose of achieving an ephemeral glory. It’s more like a simple kiss that absorbs the fuel of the universe in a second.The most powerful emotions surround this kiss; they manifest themselves before and after the kiss itself, encapsulating the kiss in a pure and devotional energy of love. If we are lucky, this kiss will be the foreplay of true Love which will invade our mind and senses till it turns into a growing climax of abandoned desires focussing on the governing emotion of promising happiness.If luck doesn’t reach us,our emotions will be deserted,being replaced by the chemistry of lust. The emotions’ movement aims at a constant construction of unexpectedness that borders an infinite desire of experimentation, craving for a miracle.The ascending emotions build the paratext of passion directing us outside of our world, in a place of closeness.The incessant refrain of merriment, the substance of metaphysical centerpiece of bliss lies in the shape of favourable emotions making the most baffled appearances: the one of a seductive breath on its way to the lover’s ear, a restricted caress of a loving hand, an impossible dream, a superb weakness in front of the loved ones, a startle when our beloved blindfold us, a twisted pain in a besotted stomach,a mindless fit of jealousy, a erratic hug, an uplifting hand on our shoulder,an adored whisper of endearment, a dear and unexpected visit in the middle of the night, a friendly wag from our dog, an idle afternoon nap or a sudden epiphany of God’s reality.Ascending emotions bear a magic fatality in them; they were born out of sustainable pleasure at the highest form of happiness, surpassing the limits of an ordinary desire. The hedonism of favorable emotions gains its popularity among the positive heresies of our soul by its components of well-being that hold the devotion to the pursuit of the pleasure of our senses.But the favourable emotions don’t exclude pain; it’s not about the pain we know,but the one endowed with the devine dimension of hypnosis,the one that appears when all the regular symptoms of emotions are evacuated and makes us painfully happy.We are talking about the favourable emotions that pass the limitations of pleasure, reaching the ultimate instance of passion that makes them turn into agonizing delights. Ascending emotions react as joy of life, like the thrill of the first date that happens all over again.When an emotion touches the highest emotive prestige it will flourish into an apotheotic psychological pain (referring to “pathos” in the ancient Greek philosophy).This aspect of pain doesn’t arise from an unfortunate event but from a peak of human passion revealing the crashed intensity of longing that commutes the fondness into the fear of losing the protagonist of the affection or of the evanescence of the emotional marvel.It is like life :even it has a positive course,you are still afraid of the imminent danger of death.The ascending emotions are highly spiritual,capturing the silence of the noise,the devine disposition of soul enlightenment,the colour of your thoughts, the vibrating symphony of your senses and your mind, the overwhelming occurrence of happiness,the celestial energy of the universe giving us the power of life.We intend to make a distinction between the ascending and descending emotions analysing their consistency of a bildungsroman, describing the evolution of emotions on their way to become feelings.Descending emotions are the ones that linger in a place of darkness where our soul is a ripped off from too much suffering or for fear that it won’t feel what it has lost never ever again.These are the emotions that we have to look at from the distance to see them better. These painful emotions are the ones that purify the essence of our heart by constructing the marginalia of our pain ,reinforcing the sovereignty of our feelings.The memory of these emotions will perpetuate the pain over the years in the silence of our soul, like in an emotional confinement.The descending emotions have to be felt all over again until they lose their intensity and turn into friendly flashbacks.These emotions give us the opportunity to become yourselves, to fumble into the corners of our soul in order to find the power of acceptance.Once we have compassion for our emotions we could isolate the anger until it occupies the hemisphere of remarkable gratitude of self-awareness.The philosophy of grief includes the trajectory of lamentation that is in search of soul justification of mourning. Mourning is the most important stage of soul recovery.The descending emotions such as a human loss or a painful disease evoke a competitive enmity of our neighbouring grief until our vulnerability is suffocated by acceptance .In order to activate the power of our vulnerability be tolerant to our pain and our emotions will ascend again.In the alchemy of our soul, the descending emotions are expected to request a solving plan, a resurrection or a healing system that counterattack the pain. Tears are responsible for purging our emotional structure in a highly sensitive intervention of natural cleansing. This ritual conveys a long and liberating emotional route.In case of descending emotions we know exactly where to find their defensive system but what about the ascending ones? How are we going to fight their dark side if they don’t have a defensive system ? When it comes to positive emotions we don’t expect a sad outcome and on account of their unexpected result, our reactions will reach perplexity and no methodology to tackle the underworld part of their emotional iceberg.So, our only choice is to build defense out of hopes or distractions. If we are not in a position of change an unpleasant denouement , distracting ourselves will be beneficial.Positive emotions could be more destructive than the descending ones because we are not able to see an immediate danger menacing our soul enchantment. The peril of the ascending emotions is well hidden in their beauty.But, Life without emotions is flat, dull and it leads to the state of dying inside. Emotions represent the spring of life, the illuminating ornaments of our personal consciousness. They tailor our spiritual avenue towards the kingdom of our true selfdom. An emotion could be either a God’s or a Devil’s concubine, it depends which is your position towards it.Without emotions we just exist but we don’t really live. So,don’t get embarrassed by your own emotions! Notions make life logical,emotions make it magic A life without emotions is like a bookcase without books. But, if we want that our emotions be beneficial for our life we don’t have to just live them but to explore them. Emotions,either good or bad are majestically kept in the captivity of our soul.LET YOUR EMOTIONS BE PART OF YOUR LIFE! AND…. DON’T FORGET!EMOTIONS HAPPEN WHEN THINGS DON’T TURN OUT THE WAY WE EXPECTED!

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