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Dialectics of Love.                 Part I. Love's asymmetries.            Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I think I was born in love, in a perfect understanding of my soul, yearning at the tender

adoration from another soul troubadour, in a persuading symmetry of feelings.

The contour of love follows the pattern of the beautiful accident that achieves the crush

on somebody else other than ourselves. Love construct is materialised through the

consummation of one another in a moment of affirmation, in a splendid cinematographic

display of fulfilling gestures of intimacy.

The old sentiment of love is extra corporeal, taking the sublimate form of emotions,

discreetly created in a discourse of desires, ramifying itself unconsciously into the deepest

layers of our ego, making it flourish into a voluptuous independence of our senses.

Love is nonsensical, brave, colourful, restless, defiant, devotional, consistent and many

more .......It has a fatal identity of asymmetric features that encompass the experience of


We all need a glimpse of metaphysicality in our lives and we take it from everywhere.

First and foremost, we found it in the spiritual substance of faith (referring to

Valentine, the saint who preached about the holy union of marriage in the name of love) and

later, we detected the mystery of love emigrating gradually into lust, but still using the

impalpable methods of the aetherial love, the one that impresses by its fastuous


The classic love stories of the world such as: Tristan and Isolde, Cleopatra and Anthony,

Lancelot and Guinevere, Paris and Helena, Romeo and Juliet and so on are impregnated

with absurd and sentimental repertoire of factual or linguistic feelings.

Words come easily when it comes to love. But are they true ? Do they follow the

emotional happenings of the heart? We might say they seldom pursue the genuine

symptoms of the heart.

The turmoil occurred in the intimacy of our souls when we are are involved in the

enterprise of love is impossible to be depicted in a discourse. No matter how skillfully

written or spoken it is, it will be incomplete from amorously point of view, due to its

enthusiastic indications from our souls, putting the emphasis on feelings, depriving us from

our capacity of reasoning.

Love's discourse could be both the most deceiving when coming from an infatuated

ego and the most genuine when it's sprung from the emotional choreography of our souls.

Love is about plotting against ourselves in the most beautiful way.

Words that we have never noticed to know are part of an erratic discourse of feelings

subjected to an ephemeral warranty. Even if the words of love are not always trustworthy,

we use them frantically having the wrong idea that they will soothe our soul's


In the times of legends, the Arthurian characters such as Tristan or Lancelot show their love

through acts of bravery but also through rhetorical missives containing their true passion

in beaming words of poetry.

Even if the poetry follows the traces of our passion, it situates the lover in a dramatic

position of the beguiled bard, unreasonably caught in his own desire to achieve the state of


We often project our wish to be involved in a perfect romance into a radiant discourse of

emphatic poetry or in flaring writing of love.Words of love like the ones comprised in the

cards for Valentine's day become a mandatory manifestation of love in a generally

avknowledged time sequence.

Celebration of the oldest passion in the world represents a mesmerising performance of

emotions that articulates our sense of quest into the depths of our soul.

But, in modern times, only cliched words of so-called passion are reiterated in a mad

whirlpool of an empty eloquence.

The acts of bravery, of fighting for your hard to reach, idealistic love perform a lost art of

chivalry, of brazen rituals of wooing and conquering the soul of the dear one.

This universal emotional phenomenon is corrupted by a psychological imbalance promoted

into the contemporary world: the equality between men and women.

The existence of such a daring collective overturn abolished the natural flow of love and

that is the reason why today , love seems to be overrated, obsolete, old fashioned and


A great and overwhelming confusion in the romantic field has been established in a era

when love is limping because the courtship rites were ripped from the metaphor of love.

In our times,Valentine's Day is deprived of the peaceful war of love, of its Venusian art of

pure and fundamental emotion of innerness and of the magic thrill.

Now, Valentine's day revolves around a tower of phony pleasures in a middle of

consumerist feast of selling emotions. I've been trying to find a genuine gift for Valentine's

day to celebrate the love of my marriage and I was caught in the cardiac frenzy with pinky

hearts scattered everywhere as if they were prepared for a mundane love transplant.

The cards destined for the febrile event contain passionless words that create a bare

universe of stereotypes. The celebration of love should be documented through simple acts

of affection.

Grandeur doesn't have its place in love because love itself holds the grandeur of life in it

.Love doesn't have to be proved every day by songs or poems but felt in the vibrations of

our soul.

We all consider love an extrovert expression of our emotions through verbal manifestation

of our sentiments, but in fact, love captures the conceptual system our personal soul


Everybody has love in his or her heart but we need an activator to extract our passion from

the matrix of our soul.There is no specific day to celebrate love, there is no particular time

for love but it's subtle time for an everlasting surrender in front of your loved one's soul.

True love doesn't have to be seen, it is demure, discrete, generous, sincere, encapsulated in

acts of selfless devotion.

Don't wait for Valentine's day to acclaim your love, you have the rest of the days to perform

small actions of the soul. Love is always a sight for sore eyes, the purest abandonment of

the self.

Don't look for it in spectacular words, you'll never find it there, but in the most hostile and

incomfortable situations of the heart. Love is not always placed in an arcadian sea and it is

easy to be mistaken for something else such as: the wish to be participant in a romantic

context or our nostalgic metaphoric sweetness that we crave for.

Valentine's Day is more Epicurean than Arcadian, a true hinterland of symbols and rituals

that favour the condition of love.

We seldom have the capacity of detecting the verity of the sentiment itself. Sometimes

thinking of a lost love made us consider that we are in love again, but, in fact, we are just

yearning for what love created in us.

As in Valentine 's story in which the emperor Claudius II put to death the priest who made

the celebration of love official, love is a plot, a conflict, a dark bliss and uncomfortable

comfort of the sentiment, a dichotomic structure of good and bad that forms a mythology

of emotions.

Each sentiment needs a ''Claudius II ''kind of war in order to develop a true motivation of

achieving it.

Love is born in the psychological exile of the mind.So ,learn to idealise love as the pure

motivator but don't try to understand its asymmetries!.

Do not be afraid of sailing towards the unknown sea of emotions even if you you will lose

the sight of the shore!

In our times, Valentine's day has doomed love,making it superfluous commercial and vulgar,

so, prepare to restore the glory of the most beautiful human enjoyment!

Cherish the lovers like the most beautiful losers and don't forget love is nothing to do with

your mind sanity

It's insane to be sane !

Have a Valentine feeling throughout your life!

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